Memorandum of CEEED

  2. Address of the Society: S.M.H. hostel, Cotton College, Guwahati-781001
  3. Area of operation: All India
  4. The Aims of objective of the Society:
  (1) To work for the development of the general environment including conservation, garbage- disposal, beautification, plantation of forests, sanitation , etc. (2) To check and alert the people against any situation which can lead to any health hazards.
(3) To take up relief works during epidemics, such as flood and earthquakes, in coordination with other agencies.
(4) To educate the people in the areas of hygiene, pollution control, afforestation, conservation of nature and protection of endangered species.
(5) To undertake research in the field of ecology and to advance and support the science of ecology and publicize the outcome of research, in order to advance knowledge, education and their application.
(6)  To work as an agent for the development of Self-Help groups in the rural areas for the general rural economy.
(7) To undertake consultancy services for developing self Employment among the unemployed youths.
(8) To undertake various projects for developing the economy of the rural and sub urban population and to work for the reversal of urban migration.
(9) To undertake research in policy development in the field of Primary Education in order to provide quality education in the primary level, particularly in the North East India.
(10) To work for the development of quality education between the Govt. run and Govt.Aided school and bring them into the level of private English Medium schools.
(11) To undertake measures, for education people in the area of population Control.
(12) To work as a coordinating agency among the various Govt. Departments and other National and International Organizations in order to achieve the above objectives.
(13) To establish a legal aid cell and developed a law library.
(14) To establish low cost Health Centre in the headquarter and in remote areas which will be fully equipped with modern equipment and manpower.
(15) To establish a Museum with collections of rare artifacts from all over the globe, which will in turn be of great educational value.